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Madgical Techdom is a company with lots of employees working together—around 50 to 100 of them! They all have important jobs to do, but keeping track of their schedules can be tricky. Every day, employees take almost 30 minutes to an hour to make sure everyone’s calendars are right using calendar automation

Thus, our company found a super cool way to make things easier! We made a special calendar automation tool that helps us with schedules, kind of like a magic calendar. With this tool, updating schedules became as easy as pie!

Everyone in our busy office can now do their work without thinking about their schedules. Our leaders can see everything clearly and quickly, which helps us all work better. Isn’t that awesome? It’s like having a helpful friend who keeps everything organized for us! Let’s explore this calendar automation tool more.

Impact employee’s Productivity before using the calendar automation tool

At our company, improving employee productivity and scheduling was a real headache. We had all sorts of planning problems that made work harder. Here are the major 5 points we were dealing with:

  1. Manual chaos: Employees in the company were confused because everyone had their schedules all over the place. It took around 30 minutes to 1 hour or more to update schedules by hand in the Google calendar and update tasks in the calendar, and sometimes things didn’t match up, causing problems with getting work done on time.
  2. Headache of Updates: Making sure everyone knew what was going on was really hard. Updating things by hand interrupted the work and wasted time and energy. Instead of doing their main tasks, employees had to spend time on boring administrative jobs.
  3. Coordination stress: However, having schedules on different platforms made it really hard for the team to work together smoothly. Because there wasn’t one central place for everything, it was tough to communicate well and work together effectively. This made it harder to get projects done efficiently.
  4. Leader’s Blindspot: The main leader of our company, who guides us with their vision, had difficulty understanding what the whole team was doing. Since each person’s schedule was all over the place, it was hard to see the big picture. This made it tough to make important decisions and plan ahead effectively.
  5. Inefficiency overload: Moreover, complicated tasks and disorganized schedules led to a drop in how well work was getting done. The company ended up stuck doing things that took up a lot of time when that time could have been used to come up with new ideas and move forward.

Thus, these were the daily struggles that defined our pre-automation era, prompting us to seek a transformative solution that would address these challenges and propel our company toward a more streamlined and efficient future.

Google calendar updation before calendar automation
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Exploring the Power of Our Time-Saving Calendar Automation Tool

To tackle the manual scheduling issue, our company developed a calendar automation tool. This cool tool puts your Google Calendar together with an Excel sheet. You can see all your week’s stuff in one spot! You can easily make changes or updates directly from the sheet to your calendar. Also, if you have important things to do for the week or if you don’t want to forget to do something, the tool can tell you. It also provides reports based on the tasks you’ve added to the mandatory task checklist.

Sync From Calendar: A Week’s Worth in a Click

“Sync From Calendar” is like waving a magic wand over your week. This feature effortlessly gathers all your calendar entries for the week and neatly organizes them in a sheet. Thus, the sheet becomes your centralized hub, using the information as headers for easy reference.

Update to Calendar

Tired of spending too much time adjusting your calendar? Our handy tool makes it a piece of cake! Just edit your schedule on the sheet, and with the feature of “Update to Calendar,” your changes smoothly sync to your calendar. Despite this, it’s super easy, and it saves you time!

Generate reports with the calendar automation tool

Afterward, want to ensure your calendar aligns with the checklist? The “Generate Report.” feature will create a report for your calendar, highlighting any missed items. If you forget something, don’t worry! The tool will send you an email to remind you about it, so you won’t miss anything on your schedule

Our calendar tool isn’t just a tool. It’s like a friendly helper that keeps everything organized for you! It syncs, updates, and checks things for you, making it easy and simple to manage your schedule. Welcome to a new era of stress-free calendar management!

Our calendar automation tool

How has our calendar automation tool helped improve productivity?

Additionally, let me share how our calendar aims to help employees have a well-organized and smoothly-running machine. Picture this: stress turning into order, and the positive outcomes and real benefits that came along with it. It’s a game-changer worth telling!

  1. Time, your new friend: Our tool is like a superhero for our company employees that saves time—30% less time, to be exact! Before, scheduling was like a slow, manual puzzle. Now, it’s just a quick click, freeing up more time for important stuff.
  2. Team Unity: Syncing calendars has brought a new level of teamwork to our company. Everyone knows what’s happening, so nobody gets confused, and everyone works together. Similarly, collaborating on projects has become smoother, leading to better outcomes.
  3. Stay Ahead with Reports: Although the “Generate Report” feature is like having a personal assistant for your calendar, It ensures you never miss a beat by creating a checklist report. If anything slips through, the tool sends you a friendly email reminder—a simple yet effective way to stay on top of your schedule.
  4. Leader’s Vision Clarified: Our leader can now see everything the team is doing with the special dashboard. This helps make decisions faster and better, especially when schedules or tasks change quickly. It’s like having a superpower for staying on top of things!
  5. Stress-Free Updates: However, updating your calendar is no longer a hassle. The “Update to Calendar” feature turns the scary task into a stress-free routine. Thus, make changes on the sheet, hit the button, and watch your calendar transform effortlessly.

As a result, at our company, we think of a magical calendar tool that makes our busy days much calmer. It’s not just any tool; it’s like our sidekick for getting things done, making work simpler with every click. Enter the stress-free world of scheduling.

Moreover, it boosted our efficiency by 30%! Now, things move quickly, and we can enjoy a more laid-back work atmosphere. It’s like having a super tool that makes our work life easier and more chill. To look at the functionality, follow the GitHub link for the tool

Automatic updation with calendar automation tool
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In conclusion, our journey from messy schedules to smooth operations is a big win! Thanks to our calendar tool, things got 30% easier—saving time, improving teamwork, and making scheduling a breeze. Hence, in a company of at least 50 to 100 employees, where it takes 1 hour to schedule a calendar, it all happens in just a single click. It’s effortless to access the calendar data of each team member without the need to ask or check in with everyone individually. Using this tool, we have reduced 30 to 40% of the time for each employee using Google Calendar.

Similarly, if you are facing the same issue and want us to do the same work for you, feel free to contact us.

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