Consulting,Training,and Team Augmentation Under one roof

We work with teams to solve immediate issues, train staff to create long term sustainable development teams and provide talented young engineers to augment teams.

Manage all your technical team needs with our all-in-one solution

Technology teams should be easier to run, deploy and grow. Our experts make that possible by providing the right support.


World class software development practices,
solve immediate technical bottlenecks and
set up team for measurable outcome driven processes. Our experts help teams achieve their productivity and quality goals.

Team Training

Expert trainers go beyond basics to actual projects mapped to the client technologies, projects and processes. Productivity, communication and leadership training are integral to our trainings and not optional extras.

Team Augmentation

We maintain a dedicated pool of talented young engineers for our clients. The pool works on actual projects to learn the technology and gel with process and culture. Clients can onboard anytime directly onto their team.

Find – Train – Retain – Replace

Tailor our solutions to suit your needs

No two teams are created equal, each team has it’s own special requirements. We do what works best for your team.


Technology stack and processes.

Overall technology architecture.

Team organisation (Hierarchy and Experience)


Identify the critical and major issues.

Identify what is required – Consulting, Internal Training or/and Team Augmentation 

Tailor Solution

Create solutions that work for the team. 

Identify key people to take it forward.


Work with the team to implement solutions.

Guide and train the team at each step.

Take Feedback and Improve

No solution is final, we evolve and tune as we progress. Each step is measured and process tuned for better results.

Why choose Madgical Techdom?

We work closely with all stakeholders from CXOs, product owners and technology creators and users to set the right goals. 

  • We have highly experienced consultants
  • We evaluate all tools and use the best for your needs
  • We help you establish world class practices
  • We train In-house teams
  • We can augment your team from our talent pool

With Madgical, you can achieve peace of mind with a model that works well for you.

Successful Delivery

On Time

Process Started

12 Oct  2022

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