Data Engineering, DevOps, Full Stack and Mobile Apps

Our experts work with your team to deliver results across multiple specialisations and domains

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Leverage our expertise across
multiple domains

Solve issues and build solutions in any domain. From data engineering for scale to DevOps that deliver, from web based full stack solutions to mobile apps, our experts can help build the right solution.

Data Engineering



Git Actions/Jenkins

Full Stack Development


Mobile Apps

Android Native Java

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Flexible solutions, cross domain specialisation

Multiple experts from different domains create the best solution addressing all your requirements under one roof.

Data Engineering

Even the smallest business today generates GBs if not TBs of data. Data should drive all strategic/tactical and even development decisions for all businesses and teams. Data size today is huge and it is continuously growing. Doing it wrong can lead to incorrect decisions/missed opportunities.
How data is ingested, presented and used requires teams to build the culture to plan, maintain and continuously improve.


DevOps is extremely important to streamline software development, delivery and maintenance.
At its best DevOps allows teams to build great softwares in less time and cost.
DevOps is not easy – it requires a lot of changes in the organisation’s culture and processes. Sometimes this leads to escalating costs, longer time to deliver and in some cases failure.

Full Stack

Our full stack development solutions include almost all JS frameworks both for frontend and backend. (React/Angular/Node).
We have expertise in all types of database systems.
Our developers can help setup and maintain backends in Node/Python/PHP

Mobile Apps

We have experience in delivering Android and iOS Apps. Apps today allow businesses to reach and find bigger markets. App drive higher customer engagement.

We have experts who have not only developed apps but helped businesses become “Mobile First”.

Why choose Madgical Techdom?​

We work closely with all stakeholders from CXOs, product owners and technology creators and users to set the right goals. 

  • We have highly experienced consultants
  • We evaluate all tools and use the best for your needs
  • We help you establish world class practices
  • We train In-house teams
  • We can augment your team from our talent pool

With Madgical, you can achieve peace of mind with a model that works well for you.

Solutions Delivered

Exceeding expectations

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