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Privacy Policy

Madgical Techdom (“Madgical Techdom”, “we,” “us,” “our”) understand the importance of privacy. We do our best to be as transparent as possible in how we collect, use, disclose, transfer and store information collected by us. This Privacy Policy provides an overview and applies to our website and online applications (collectively, our “Services”).

Effective Date of this Privacy Policy : 1 January, 2022

You need to know that the Privacy Policy controls how you use and visit our website. It also applies even though you can use your personal computer, mobile phone, tablet, TV, or any other device to access our Services. You must read the Privacy Policy in its entirety because, by using our Services in any way, you agree to the procedures outlined in the Privacy Policy and any other documents that go with it. If you don’t agree with the rules and procedures in the Privacy Policy, it is strongly suggested that you don’t use our services. It is not recommended that you use our Services if you disagree with our Privacy Policy.

It is important to check the Privacy Policy often to see if there have been any changes in the policy. This is the current version of our Privacy Policy. You can check the “effective date” posted at the top to see when the Privacy Policy was last updated.

  1. Collection and Usage of information
    • Whenever you visit our website, we may collect your personal information including your name, address, emails and phone numbers. We record these information to provide you better services and to interact with you in better ways.
    • We may ask and collect personal information through other services we provide, through surveys, forums, blogs or any of our business partners. Information may be matched with third-party data to help us better understand our customers.
    • We may ask for and collect your personal information through other services we provide, through surveys and forums We collect this information in order to have an effective communication with you and provide better services.
    • We collect, store and use the users’ information as per all the applicable laws. You can always limit the information that we receive by not filling it up on the form whenever you visit our website. Some of our services will be available only if you provide the appropriate personal information. On other parts of the Website, you may be given the option of opting out or opting into our contact lists for offers, promotions, and additional services.
    • Madgical Techdom conducts research on it’s users’ interests and behaviour based on the information provided to us when the user logs in on our website. The research is compiled and analyzed on a collective basis to prevent the identification of any personal information related to one individual. We may share the data with our partners but not with any other third-party.
    • Our web servers collect the domain names and data related to the visitors who visit our websites. The information is collected to measure the number of visits and the time they spent on our website. We use all the information to improve the content of our website.
    • Unless the user signs through his/her email on our website, we shall provide only the information for which the user has requested and seek assistance through our online portal.
    • We may ask for your personal information when you show your interest in employment opportunities at Madgical Techdom.
  2. Use Of Cookies
    • Our site and services use cookies. A cookie is a small string of information that helps our services identify users and how they use our websites and services. Personal information might be stored in cookies. To disable or delete cookies please check your browser settings.
  3. Beacons
    • We along with certain third parties also may use technologies called beacons (or “pixels”) that communicate information from your device to a server. Beacons can be embedded in online content, videos, and emails, and can allow a server to read certain types of information from your device, know when you have viewed particular content or a particular email message, determine the time and date on which you viewed the beacon, and the IP address of your device. We and certain third parties use beacons for a variety of purposes, including to analyse the use of our Services and (in conjunction with cookies) to provide content and ads that are more relevant to you.
  4. Opt-Out
    • You may cancel your registration at any time or you can unsubscribe from receiving any emails or SMS messages.
  5. Protecting Your Data
    • We secure our website and other systems against loss, unauthorised access, modification or distribution of your data by unauthorised persons by implementing the appropriate technical measures.
    • To protect personal information, we maintain adequate technical and organisational measures.
    • We will not store your information longer than is necessary to fulfill the purpose for which it was collected
  6. Your Consent
    • When you use our website, you are indicating that you accept the terms of this Privacy Policy as well as the Terms of Service, and this is an indication that we have your agreement. Please do not furnish us with any personal information and exit this website if you do not agree with the terms of our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Service.
  7. Online Policy
    • The scope of the Privacy Policy does not include anything that is fundamental to the functioning of the internet and is therefore outside of our control. Furthermore, the Privacy Policy is not to be applied in any manner that is in conflict with any applicable laws or regulations imposed by the government. This policy on online privacy is solely applicable to information that is gathered through our website; information that is obtained offline is not covered by this policy.
  8. Right To Information
    • There is a right to information about your personal data that we store and the right to rectification, blocking and deleting your stored personal data for which you can contact us at :-

      Noida, UP, India:
      D 107, Sector 2, Noida, UP – 201301, India

  9. Links To Other Websites
    • The scope of our Privacy Policy is limited to our website. Madgical Techdom may provide links to external sites that we think may be of interest to you. You agree that we are not responsible for the content of any website you access through a link on one of our websites or for any information collected by that website. Whatever happens because you decided to visit one of such sites is entirely on you.
  10. Change In Policy
    • Madgical Techdom may update its Privacy Policy at any time without prior notice to account for changes in technology, in legal and regulatory requirements, and in best practises for conducting business.If we decide to make any changes to our privacy policies, we will indicate when they will take effect at the beginning of the new or revised Privacy Policy. If this occurs, we will update our Privacy Policy to reflect the modifications.