How the Revolutionary WhatsApp Bot Dramatically Slashed Manual Workload by 60% for an Edtech?



We have expertise in streamlining operations by implementing automation solutions, effectively reducing manual workload across diverse business domains for our array of clients. A company offering online education to more than thousands of students contacted us to reduce their pain points. When they began collaborating with us, we discovered that they were grappling with numerous manual tasks. Their process involved sending a worksheet to each student every morning and then manually transferring it one by one from the interface to WhatsApp. We proposed a deep dive into this problem and figured out a solution that could streamline this process with a single click utilizing a WhatsApp bot. Additionally, they were manually checking each worksheet one by one. We recommended implementing a checking tool, which could significantly reduce the time spent on this task.

Next, we’ll delve into the difficulties they encountered, the assistance we provided, the solutions implemented, and the benefits they derived. Come with us as we embark on the journey of automating processes for one of our clients, transforming manual tasks into efficient automated solutions using the WhatsApp bot.


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When they were engaged in manual tasks such as sending worksheets individually, and manually checking each worksheet, they encountered numerous challenges:

  1. Consumes a lot of time: The client encountered numerous challenges due to the time-consuming nature of their task. With a growing volume of student data to manage daily, manual handling became increasingly arduous. Sending worksheets manually posed significant difficulties, particularly when teachers required them promptly in the morning. Each worksheet had to be individually sent via WhatsApp, consuming considerable time. Moreover, verifying worksheets received from students necessitated a meticulous, one-by-one examination process. They needed to allocate an additional 2-3 hours for these time-intensive tasks.
  2. Struggles in sending worksheets: The homework assignment process was handled manually, requiring teachers to personally choose each student and distribute the tasks. This led to considerable effort and inefficiency. Occasionally, they encountered problems such as prolonged network errors or sluggishness, causing delays in students receiving their worksheets due to the time-consuming nature of sending them and the heavy network data usage involved. Also, they had to waste an extra 3-4 hours on this manual task.
  3. Struggles in homework checking: The worksheet checking process was done manually, requiring teachers to personally select each student and inspect their worksheets. This led to considerable effort and inefficiency. Sometimes, issues arose when students experienced delays in submitting their work, prompting teachers to send multiple reminder messages and wait for the worksheets. Upon receiving them, teachers had to individually review each worksheet, adding further to the time-consuming process. This manual task also takes a couple of extra hours.
  4. Potential for Errors: When teachers manually checked worksheets, there was a high probability of human error, necessitating additional verification to prevent mistakes, leading to a time-consuming process. There was a 50% chance of human error in worksheet checking, resulting in decreased efficiency.
  5. Delayed Feedback: Checking and manually distributing worksheets often led to delays in providing feedback to students, adversely affecting their learning progress.
  6. Administrative Burden: Administering worksheets through manual collection, checking, and distribution placed a significant administrative burden on teachers. This consumed their entire day and occasionally necessitated working late into the night.

The Solution we offered

WhatsApp bot
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While collaborating with us, we offered solutions to address each of their challenges. They found our solutions highly beneficial and requested to proceed with their implementation. We initiate implementation and promptly furnish them with the necessary tools. Below are some of the solutions we have provided:

Enhancing Homework Organization via WhatsApp Bot Automation

To tackle these challenges and streamline the homework assignment process, we introduced the WhatsApp bot feature, which has revolutionized how teachers interact with students and manage homework assignments.

With the WhatsApp bot, teachers can effortlessly send homework to all students with a single click. This can significantly reduce the time and effort required for assignment distribution. This automation not only enhances efficiency but also enables teachers to devote more attention to student support and engagement. Additionally, the WhatsApp bot automates reminder messages for students to submit their completed homework.

In essence, the implementation of the WhatsApp bot feature has modernized the homework assignment process, making it more efficient, automated, and student-focused. This innovative solution highlights our dedication to leveraging technology to enrich the educational experience for students and streamline administrative tasks for staff members.

Improving Productivity through Answer Checking Tool

Implementation of an Automated Answer-Checking Tool: We’ve launched a WhatsApp bot equipped with an answer-checking tool, seamlessly integrated for teachers, to enhance efficiency in homework assessment by automating the process.

The answer-checking tool has been seamlessly incorporated into the RM interface, simplifying grading and score provision processes while eliminating the necessity for manual checks.

Benefits after implementing solution

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Time saving

Following the integration of the WhatsApp bot feature, they could preserve their valuable time and redirect it towards shaping the future of students. They managed to rescue a daily time span of 2-3 hours.

Homework management without struggle

Now, with the WhatsApp bot in place, teachers can send homework with just one click, saving hours of time. Furthermore, with the introduction of a checking tool, teachers have found that they can efficiently review assignments in minutes, free from errors.

Immediate feedback

When all the solutions were implemented, the procedures became so seamless that there were no delays in providing feedback. Homework could be sent with a single click, and worksheets were checked within minutes using the checking tool.

Zero administrative load

With automation, the manual collection, checking, and distribution of worksheets were significantly diminished, resulting in almost no administrative burden on teachers. This allows them to reclaim their entire day, with tasks being completed in mere minutes.


In summary, initially, teachers encountered numerous challenges in manual tasks, such as handling the data of 5000 students daily, including checking and distributing worksheets. However, thanks to our solution, they now experience relaxation and save 60% of their time. This allows them to dedicate their valuable time to student progress and education.

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