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The combination of appscript and spreadsheet to increase company productivity


Firstly, welcome to Madgical Techdom, where simplicity meets innovation in data collection solutions. With a dedicated team of experts, our company specializes in crafting bespoke solutions tailored to your business needs. With a team of 50 to 100 employees, we understand the importance of efficient data management. In this blog, we’re happy to show you our special tools: integrate with Google Sheets and AppScript! We’ll talk about how these cool tools can help to increase company productivity.

In our software company, we have about 20 to 30 colleagues working together. Keeping everything up-to-date every day takes a lot of work. One person had to spend nearly 1 to 2 hours updating or revising the data daily. We made some awesome Excel tools that help our company do more work! They’re like special helpers who can do lots of things! They help us remember what we need to do each day to make the company more productive. They also help us see how well we’re doing. Also, they make it easier for new employees to join us! They’ve slashed employees’ daily time from 1 to 2 hours to just 30 minutes—a whopping 40% reduction!

Problems before automation tools to increase company productivity

Manual updating data a hurdle in making company more productive


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At our company, managing data was a real headache. We had all sorts of management problems that made us work harder. Here are the major 6 points we were dealing with to increase company productivity:


      1. Manual Task Management: It was hard for the workers in the company to remember all their tasks. There were lots of papers that needed to be fixed. Starting or finishing a task took over 1 hour each day. Doing things by hand took a lot of time, and sometimes we made mistakes. This made it hard to increase company productivity.

      1. Performance Tracking Challenges: However, it was hard to see how well we were doing because we didn’t have a clear way to check. Our jobs were all over the place, and we had to do them by hand, so it was tricky to know if we were working well or not.

      1. Onboarding Complexity: “Onboarding Complexity” means it’s hard when new friends join our company. Doing things like filling out papers and setting up computers can be hard and take 1 hour to 2 hours when we don’t have easy ways to do them or special tools.

      1. Time-Consuming Processes: Also, employees spend time doing things by hand, like writing and doing the same jobs again and again. They didn’t use helpful tools. These slow processes slow down our team 3x in performance.

      1. Lack of Visibility and Insights: Employees did not have a good understanding of how tasks were progressing or how well employees were doing their jobs. Without clear visibility and insights, it’s challenging for managers to make informed decisions or for employees to track their progress effectively.

      1. Impact on Productivity and Efficiency: The challenges employees face, like manual task management or a lack of performance tracking, make it harder to get work done quickly and effectively. This can lead to lower productivity and efficiency within the company by 3x.

    These were the daily struggles we were facing before the pre-automation era, prompting us to seek a transformative solution that would address these challenges and propel our company toward a more streamlined process and increase company productivity.

    Explore Our Handy Automated Tools: A Simple Summary of Each

    Use of appscript and spreadsheets to increase company productivity



    In this blog, we’ll give you a simple rundown of the top 3 tools we use every day and how they’ve made our work easier.


        1. Training Onboard Tool: However, our tool makes it easy to welcome new team members. It takes care of all the paperwork and steps needed to get them set up, saving a lot of time. Also, it helps new friends feel good and ready to start working. This makes the whole process easy and stress-free for everyone.

        1. Weekly Task Creator Tool: Moreover, with this tool, you can easily plan all your tasks for the week. This makes sure you don’t forget anything and helps you do more work. You can also change tasks if you need to, which helps you adapt to new things quickly.

        1. Calendar Automation Tool: This tool helps with effortless scheduling with our integration, allowing seamless updates to your Google Calendar directly from spreadsheets and eliminating the need for manual adjustments.

      To look at the functionality, follow the GitHub repo link for the given tools.

      As a result, using these handy tools makes work a breeze! Doing tasks is easier. Planning your week is easier. Checking how you’re doing is easier. Setting up meetings is easier. It’s all easier with our tools for organizing company information. Overall, say goodbye to stress and hello to a more efficient way of working to make the company more productive by 3x.

      Impact of our Automated tools in making the company more productive


          1. Efficient Onboarding: Training Onboard streamlines the onboarding process, ensuring new hires are seamlessly integrated into the team, reducing administrative burden, and also helping to increase company productivity.

          1. Time Savings: Weekly Task Creator saves a significant 30% of time previously spent on scheduling tasks manually, allowing employees to focus on more critical aspects of their work.

          1. Insightful Reporting: The Weekly Progress Report offers valuable insights into employee performance and progress, facilitating informed decision-making and targeted improvements.

          1. Streamlined Communication: Moreover, calendar automation simplifies scheduling and ensures everyone is on the same page, reducing confusion and enhancing collaboration among team members.

          1. Improved Productivity: Overall, the implementation of these tools leads to increased productivity across the organization because tasks are completed more efficiently and communication is streamlined throughout total company data.


        In conclusion, our switch from doing things by hand to using special tools for company data has made a big difference for our company. Finally, thanks to these tools, tasks are 30% easier. This saves us 40% of the time, helps us work together better, and makes things simpler. Now, in our company of 50 to 100 friends, where it used to take an hour to do some things, using the tools makes it just one click. Also, getting important information and doing our jobs has never been easier, and it takes less time now to increase company productivity.

        Furthermore, if you are facing the same issue and want us to do the same work for you, feel free to contact us for a free consultation.

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