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The adventures of reading a great book!

Why is a book vital?

A book is captivating, it can take you on a world tour. They can make you laugh, cry, think and learn. Books can help you learn about the world and they can help you develop your interests and passion. It seems that books are boring but they’re very interesting, only if you are keen on reading them.

I believe that books let you travel all over the world. You enjoy miscellaneous emotions while reading books and it lets you think deeply. That’s the aura books create around you. It is a beautiful habit to develop that everyone should adopt it.

 How do you define a book?

Some people say that books hold fictional stories while others argue that it’s the reality of the author’s life. But none of it is true. The authors write about their feelings and thoughts that ripple in their hearts and mind. They weave their feelings into words and present them before the world.

I believe that books are a treasure that everyone should own. They not only define the author’s feelings but also give the readers a chance to imagine the story in a way they want to imagine. There’s no end to the imagination of the writers and the readers.

The books define beautiful imagery. It is a collection of thoughts, feelings, aspirations and inspiration. Sometimes, it’s a true story that’s hidden beneath the pages of the book. 

A book holds a new, crisp and beautiful world beneath it. When you start reading, you elope into a new world. You experience the feelings of the characters and you immerse in a world that’s quite different from reality.

I believe in reading books as they help you calm your mind and take you to a world where every little thing is in the way that you imagine. You can just try and see the difference. Reading a book before going to bed, lets me have a peaceful and sound sleep.

Forever storyteller – A Book!

Books allow your mind to be creative. As you begin reading, you can blend the story, its scenes and the gist of it as per your liking. One story can give you many different stories. 

A book is no short of a movie. When you’re reading a book, it’s like enacting each and every character of the story. You get to understand each character deeply and you understand the emotions that the characters share in the book. While reading a book, there’s no chance of missing any part of the story. 

Books are more efficient and scenic than Movies!
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  A book takes you into a new world —whether it is a fairy tale romance or any harsh reality of life, you see a new world that exists in imagination only.  You can also weave up the story according to your imagery.

Movies and A Book

 These days, many movies are based on books and are much loved by the audience. Watching the movie is a nice experience but it doesn’t hold all the emotions that are imbibed in the books. Maybe, the movie just takes two or three hours from your schedule while the book can take many days to finish, so people choose movies over books.

I believe that the essence of the book is missing from the movie. You may not realise but the movie makers cut down the original essence and add some unnecessary drama into the movie scripts. There, it all ends! The essence of the book is lost. 

I believe books are more detailed than films. Usually, a film lasts approximately two hours while the feeling of reading a book can last forever. The way the author describes the situation is totally different from what it’s shown in the film.

Movies might seem more interesting than books but the real mystery, adventure and fun lie beneath a book. You might be happy watching the movie, but the real satisfaction lies in reading the book.

Books are more efficient and scenic than Movies!
One good book is better than 100 friends.

Books become a great support for you when you have no one nearby to open your heart to. They take you on a journey from the comfort of your home. Isn’t that interesting?

A book is a reason to be happy and smile around me. Try reading! It will give you an all-new experience in a new world, which is quite different from the real world! 

Personal View: Best Friends!

As already quoted, books are forever storytellers. Every book is unique in itself and has a beautiful story to tell. You may not find the same essence in the movies if you watch them. Reading books provides solace to your mind and calms the ongoing chaos.

Books define the personality that you hold.

I also believe that every person in this world has a story, Some people try to narrate their stories while some of them try to keep them intact in their hearts. But every story has the right to be told.

Books are more efficient and scenic than Movies!
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Every single book has its own importance and meaning and it impacts the life of the readers. Now, this is interesting. There are numerous books that will help you grow as an individual and make you a better person. Some impactful books are listed below:

The Alchemist: Written by Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist is the story of a shepherd boy who travels to various places only to find a treasure hidden somewhere. Later on, he realises that it’s beneath him only, his consciousness and his way to look at life.

Everyone has a Story: Written by Savi Sharma, it is the story of a budding author, who feels that she doesn’t have enough skills to weave a story, but in the end, she discovers the author hidden beneath her personality.

The Tenth Riddle: A Mystery/Thriller fiction by Sapan Saxena. A group of four people go to solve a murder mystery but get tangled with many riddles which open up in the 51 Shaktipeethas. The story goes on about how they unfold the mystery and catch the culprit.

And there are many other books with such interesting real-life topics.


As we conclude our topic here, I can say that you live many lives when you read a lot of books. We can only refine ourselves when we truly know who we are. Books can help you refine your personality when you completely immerse yourself in it and there’s always a lesson imbibed in the story. Moreover, you can travel to different places while sitting at home. Reading helps you heal the soul. That’s exciting. Isn’t it?

Books can be your best friends, and they won’t ditch you ever!