Up-skill and re-energize teams with hands-on skills and productivity trainings

We provide hands-on training on latest technologies. We go beyond pure skills to train teams in productivity, quality and leadership.

Challenges in training teams!

  • Only constant in technology is change. Choosing right skills to build is hard.
  • Focus on only certifications and basic skills. Failure to understand nuances of the tech in large real world projects
  • Lack of focus on quality, design, process and quality
  • Zero focus on productivity and measurement.
  • No training to allow ICs to grow to leaders.
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Training investment vs return?

Long time to expertise

Madgical way - learn and grow on actual projects

Learn what matters – quality, productivity, leadership.

Train in technologies across multiple domains

With our trainers teams learn latest technologies, understand nuances and work on real world scale projects. Teams focus on design, process, documentation and quality as part of the training. We help individuals graduate to larger team roles from individual contributors. 

Data Engineering



Git Actions/Jenkins

Full Stack Development


Mobile Apps

Android Native Java

Why choose Madgical Techdom?

We work closely with all stakeholders from CXOs, product owners and technology creators and users to set the right goals. 

  • We offer training in the latest technologies – going beyond basics to specific depth required by the team.
  • We train based on real world project tuned to the teams current problems.
  • We focus on productivity training and measurement.
  • We focus on training teams in delivering quality.
  • We work with teams to improve leadership and communication.

With Madgical, you can achieve peace of mind with a model that works well for you.

Ready to get started?

Drop a message and we are always happy to answer any questions, discuss our model or just expand our horizons over some coffee.