A Cloud Migration Journey from One Region to Another

Explores the strategic migration of a client’s AWS operations from Oregon to Mumbai. With a growing user base exceeding 50,000, the client faced latency issues in real-time data processing for air quality monitoring.

Problem Statement

As our client’s IoT network grew, managing the surge in data became challenging. The AWS infrastructure in Oregon struggled to keep up with the local user base, causing performance issues:

  • Data Surge: The expansion of IoT devices caused a massive increase in data volume.
  • Infrastructure Mismatch: Existing AWS infrastructure in Oregon couldn’t support the growing local user base.
  • Latency Concerns: Increased data transmission distances and system overload led to noticeable latency, impacting user experience.

Additionally, the current infrastructure demanded extensive manual handling, making operations harder and diverting focus from innovation


Latency Issue


Data Management Complexity

problem statement

Our Solutions

These are the solutions were meticulously crafted to address key pain points and optimize the client’s cloud environment for enhanced performance, scalability, and efficiency

Smooth Schema Conversion and Compatibility

Utilizing the AWS Schema Conversion Tool (SCT), we automated object conversion and validated data types, ensuring seamless migration with minimal disruption

Zero-Downtime Migration Techniques

With precise planning and resilient failover mechanisms, we ensured seamless service continuity, smoothly transitioning operations to the Mumbai AWS region without any interruptions.

AWS DMS Ensuring Data Integrity

Utilized AWS Database Migration Service (DMS) to safeguard data integrity, ensuring accurate replication and consistent data across databases throughout the migration process

Automated Development Processes​

Our automated deployment processes and infrastructure provisioning reduced manual efforts, accelerated deployment times, and boosted operational efficiency significantly

Cost-Effective Resource Management

Employed spot instances and optimized resource allocation based on usage patterns, achieving significant cost savings without compromising performance

Tools Utilization for Infrastructure Optimization

We utilized Route 53, JMeter, ASG, and MGN for seamless EC2 region migration to fine-tune infrastructure responsiveness, ensuring optimal user experiences during peak usage.


Solution Technical Stack

Our solution leverages a robust technical stack to address the challenges faced during the migration process. The key components of our technical stack include:

Final Outcomes

The migration resulted in significant improvements across many aspects of our operations. Transitioning to the Mumbai AWS region resulted in remarkable enhancements:

  • Operational Efficiency: Response times decreased by 50%, and data processing speed surged by 40%, enabling us to serve our user base of over 50,000 with unprecedented speed and reliability. Automation played a crucial role in streamlining processes, reducing manual efforts, and ensuring consistent performance.
  • Cost Savings: Infrastructure costs were reduced by 30%, facilitating effective resource reallocation and enabling scalability in our efforts to combat air pollution

Reduced Latency


Reduced infrastructure costs


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