Text-to-Speech Goes Local: Affordable Indic Solutions

In India’s diverse linguistic landscape, effective communication faces hurdles. Our Text-to-Speech (TTS) tool, covering 12 Indian languages, aims to bridge these gaps affordably. By simplifying spoken-word conversion, we democratize access to information and services. Our technology empowers users and advances communication across India’s linguistic spectrum, promoting a more connected society.

Seamless Conversion Across Indic Languages with Text-to-Speech

Indic Text-to-Speech
Indic Text-to-Speech

Experience effortless text-to-speech conversion for various Indic languages. Our tool seamlessly transforms written text into spoken words, ensuring smooth communication and accessibility across diverse linguistic backgrounds.


It converts text to speech, aiding those with visual impairments or literacy challenges to access content effectively.


Supports diverse languages, including Indic, meeting a wide range of linguistic needs and preferences.


Offers cost-effective alternatives to hiring voice actors or buying pricey software, making it budget-friendly for various users.


Effortlessly adjusts to meet increasing demand for speech synthesis in diverse industries, offering scalable solutions for varied applications.

Indic Text-to-Speech

Text-to-Speech tool is applicable across business domains

Some domains where the Text-to-Speech tool has made a significant impact include…


Enhancing accessibility of educational materials by converting text into spoken words, aiding students with visual impairments or learning disabilities.

Customer Service

Improving the customer experience with automated voice assistants for prompt and clear responses to inquiries and support.


Supporting patient care with automated reminders, medical instructions, and information dissemination through spoken messages and alerts.


Enhancing communication accessibility by converting text messages or emails into spoken messages for users with limited reading abilities.

Boost Your Team's Productivity

The cost-effective Text-to-Speech tool for Indic languages enhances team productivity by providing affordable access to efficient communication, ensuring seamless comprehension and collaboration among team members from diverse linguistic backgrounds.


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Removal of manual work


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Indic Text-to-Speech
Indic Text-to-Speech

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