Fintech's 40% Faster Releases: A QA Automation Success

Explore how strategic optimization of QA automation processes leads to a remarkable 40% reduction in release cycle time, enabling a transformative acceleration in software development efficiency.

Problem Statement

Our client, a leading fintech company with an impressive track record of disbursing loans to over 47,000 individuals across 400+ cities, faced significant hurdles in their software development processes were plagued by serious issues, causing slow releases, low productivity, and a poor user experience. Manual testing consumed over 40% of development time and resources, leading to delays and frustration.


Delays Due to Lengthy Release Cycles


Time consuming in manual testing


Navigating the Journey Towards QA Automation

To tackle these challenges, we started a journey to use QA automation, which completely changed how we test things and made everything work better.

Improved Release Cycle

Reduced testing time accelerated our development-to-deployment process by 40%.

Cost Savings

Automation slashes costs, preserves resources, and enhances efficiency, propelling profitability


Our automation test suite seamlessly scaled to accommodate new functionalities.

Enhanced Accuracy

By eliminating human errors in testing, automation ensures heightened accuracy and reliability throughout the process.

Reduced Testing Time

Reduced testing time freed up our QA team to focus on more complex testing scenarios.

Early Bugs Detection

Automation facilitated early detection of bugs, preventing them from reaching production.


Solution Technical Stack

We selected Selenium and the Robot framework for effective test case automation, leveraging Chrome extensions like Truepath and XPath Helper, as well as Katalon Recorder.

Final Outcomes

Our experience with implementing QA automation highlights its transformative impact on modern software development. By streamlining processes, we reduced testing time by 40%, cut costs significantly, and boosted overall efficiency. 

QA automation has become essential for achieving quicker releases and maintaining product quality in today’s fast-paced development landscape.

Improved development time up to 70%.


Increase in revenue


Removal of manual work


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