Gen AI Collection Bot: An Innovative Way for Debt Recovery

Our bot is designed to eliminate the manual effort of collecting payments, and it also provides a quick and efficient way for users to check their outstanding balances and respond to them using Gen AI. It offers a seamless experience where users can find their answers and suggestions without directly contacting customer support

Easy to use chat interface to Manage payment information, and handle different scenarios.

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Automating outstanding payment queries helps businesses get updates on their outstanding payments without involving manual support teams.

24/7 Availability

Our platform operates round the clock, ensuring continuous 24/7 availability to meet your specific needs efficiently. This constant accessibility allows users to have seamless interactions and timely assistance, thereby enhancing user satisfaction and convenience.

Gen AI Magic

Our Gen AI system comprehends instructions intelligently, engaging in interactive dialogues by asking relevant questions and generating responses based on the given instructions. This capability enhances the system’s adaptability and effectiveness in addressing user queries.

Chat for Answers

The user-friendly chat interface facilitates effortless communication, enabling users to provide answers quickly and efficiently. This intuitive design enhances the user experience, making it simple to interact with the system and obtain desired information.


Automating repetitive tasks such as sending payment reminders, our platform saves significant time and effort. This automation streamlines processes, increases productivity, and ensures timely completion of tasks, leading to improved operational efficiency.

Automating Collection agent

Automating Collection agent work is applicable across business domains

Some of the domains where Automating outstanding Payment Updates has had a strong impact.

Customer service

Businesses can improve customer service by automating repetitive procedures like account updates, payment reminders, and follow-ups with customers. Increased operational efficiency, quicker issue resolution, and higher customer satisfaction are all results of this automation.


By automating fee alerts, payment reminders, and overdue payment processing educational institutions can guarantee prompt fee collection, lessen the administrative load, and enhance financial management.


In the insurance sector, automation of collection agent duties is quite important. The customer experience can be greatly enhanced by automating policy renewal alerts, premium payment reminders, and claims processing. This automation lowers policy lapses, guarantees on-time payments, and improves client satisfaction in general.

Rent Payments

By automating rent reminders, late payment alerts, and rent collection procedures, property managers can enhance cash flow management, streamline operations, and minimize manual errors.

Boost your teams productivity

Automating payment updates not only streamlines processes but also empowers your team to work smarter and achieve greater results. By leveraging automation, you enable your team to focus on strategic tasks, access real-time information, eliminate errors, and enhance customer satisfaction. This boost in productivity translates to better business outcomes and growth opportunities.


Increase in revenue


Removal of manual work

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