Streamlining Education: The Power of Automated Homework Systems

Explore how we optimized operations, reduced expenses, and enhanced educational outcomes for over 10,000 students through our EdTech Homework systems.

Problem Statement

Traditional homework management at EdTech was severely limited by its reliance on manual processes. With a manual system for distributing and evaluating assignments, instructors overseeing 5,000 students faced overwhelming workloads. This labor-intensive approach demanded substantial time commitments, impeding scalability and hindering personalized student support.

Moreover, traditional methods lacked the scalability needed to efficiently distribute and evaluate assignments for large student cohorts. The absence of automated tools meant assignments were handled slowly and with potential errors, placing strain on educators and diminishing student engagement. This lack of scalability and personalization underscored the urgent need for innovative solutions to revolutionize homework management within EdTech.


Manual work



BigQuery and Data Studio

Our Solution

We created a system that streamline personalised assignment generation, distribution and evaluation under well structured process that reduces manual struggle and improve efficiency.

Transition to Scalable Data Management

Upgraded from Excel to React, Node.js, and MySQL, and introduced interfaces for effective student data management.

Improved Data Visualisation

Empowered operational teams with comprehensive data analysis tools, utilizing Data Studio and BigQuery for improved data tracking and analysis.

Content Generation Revolution

Developed a LaTeX & Python-based tool for automated content creation, freeing content team from manual tasks.

System Performance Boosted

Implemented New Relic for real-time insights, addressing bottlenecks, monitoring response times, and optimizing resource utilization to enhance application performance.

WhatsApp Bot for Homework Management

Implemented a WhatsApp bot for efficient homework distribution and automated reminder messages, reducing time & effort.

Automated Homework Evaluation

Implemented an answer-checking tool integrated into interface, streamlining the homework-checking process and eliminating manual efforts.

Automate Homework flow

Solution Technical Stack

Our solution stack for EdTech encompassed React.js, Node.js, and MySQL for application development, complemented by BigQuery and Data Studio for advanced data analytics and reporting.

Final Outcomes

Through our innovative solutions, we successfully transformed homework management in EdTech, leveraging technology to automate previously manual processes. For instance, our WhatsApp bot enabled efficient assignment distribution and automated reminder messages, reducing time and effort significantly.

While implementing an answer-checking tool in our interface, it’s important to note that manual verification by instructors remains necessary for accuracy. This hybrid approach ensures high-quality evaluation.

These advancements automated 70% of assignments, benefiting over 10,000 students and increasing engagement by 85%. Homework assessment time was reduced to just 5 to 10 minutes per assignment, reflecting our commitment to accessible and efficient education.


Increase in performance


Removal of manual work

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