Video Chat! A New Era of Learning and Semantic Search

Using Video Chat our EdTech client allowed students to not only run semantic search against their rich video content but allowed them to use conversational AI to get rich experience similar to a tutorial with an experienced tutor.

A copilot for learning, A tutor, A teaching assistant: User Stories​

Interface displaying search results from educational videos.
Student using video chat to interact with educational content on a PC

Using a semantic index on the videos using the transcribed audio and image snapshots, we built a comprehensive “semantic” search solution on top of the knowledge in the videos. More interestingly, it allowed us to build a “conversation” layer on top using LLMs to allow learners more power to interact with the content.

Audio Search

Find a video or audio snippet where the professor explained something or answered a question by searching through the transcribed audio.

Video Search

Looking to find the part of the video where a particular experiment was run. You could ask for snippets where a light scattering is being shown.

Concept Validation

A student answering a question and then looking for validation of the answer against what the professor had said in the video.

Validate Understanding

Ask the student to list key points they have learnt. Validate if the key points submitted by the student are complete or have something missing.

video chat with semantic search features enhancing educational conversations

Flexible platform for every businesses

Video Chat can benefit various sectors by harnessing the power of semantic search and conversational AI.


Educational technology companies can utilize our solution to provide students with interactive and engaging learning experiences, making it easier to find and comprehend educational content.

Enterprise Knowledge Management (EKM)

Enable employees to quickly find information within corporate training videos, ensuring they have access to the knowledge they need when they need it. This enhances knowledge sharing and improves overall efficiency.

Product Demonstrations

Allow sales teams to find and share specific product demonstration videos, enhancing their pitches with precise and relevant content.

News and Media

Empower news organizations to perform detailed analysis and showcase relevant video snippets. For instance, quickly identify and display clips that show the weapons used in the war in Ukraine, providing viewers with precise and contextually relevant content.

Boost Your Team's Productivity

Our video chat system enhances the learning journey by allowing seamless interaction with course content. Through semantic search capabilities and conversational AI, students can navigate videos effortlessly, finding specific information like explanations, experiments, and concept validations with ease. This immersive approach validates understanding and encourages deeper engagement, acting as a personalized learning assistant throughout your educational experience.


Increase in student engagement


Reduction in teacher load


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Process Complete

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Student using video chat
Professionals focusing on strategic initiatives with the help of automation tools.

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